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Thursday, October 27, 2005

poor sandy day!

justice o'connor's retirement is postponed again.

how ironic! in 2000 a rumor went round that she was overheard saying she hoped bush would win because she wanted to retire. presumably she didn't want to be replaced by a dem appointee. and of course she put bush in the white house, 5-4.

maybe that rumor made her wait 4 years so as to disprove it. she herself made her resignation hinge on confirmation of a successor, but having to wait thru 3 nominees must get frustrating.

neocon david frum on talk of the nation today said no prez ever went thru 8 years without a mistake. yeah! right! the miers nomination is bush's only mistake!

so now who's it going to be? priscilla owen? janice brown? if bush still wants to name a woman, they would be the most divisive picks, but cons would support them, and brown has the race-card advantage, because many white libs are too weak-kneed to filibuster or vote against blacks, no matter how off-the-wall.

if bush wants to find a highly-qualified conservative female judge, he should check out the witness list from the roberts confirmation hearings.

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