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Sunday, September 26, 2010

...the one advantage I have is that I'm not a politician, and when I go out and talk to public groups and professional groups and do these workshops with them on these kinds of issues, we do not have - we have never had, in all of the hundreds of workshops that I've done, the kind of awful language that has characterized this debate around health reform and the challenges of what's called health care rationing or priority setting.

People can be and will be respectful to one another if you sort of set the stage appropriately, if you make - if you help make clear to them the fact that the problem we're talking about is not a Republican or Democratic problem, it's not a liberal or a conservative problem, it's a problem we all have to struggle with and that affects us all.

And furthermore, it's a problem that we can't really resolve just as individuals. We have to have health insurance, and that's a social-type institutional mechanism. And so we have to come to some kind of rational and fair agreement.

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