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Friday, October 28, 2005

miers a stalking-horse?

i don't get it!

why would bush nominate somebody and just go thru the motions of backing her, then let her pull out so easily without a fight?

he could've released at least some of miers' documents. they'll come out someday anyhow, just like john roberts' papers from the reagan white house.

it's nothing but a dumb show, a shadow play.

there's something fishy about it. i smell a rat.

if bush names a really extreme right-wing woman next, i'm gonna suspect that was his plan all along: to get the replacement to sail thru like kennedy did soon after bork got voted down.

if he names a man i'll figure that was the plan: pay lip service to support for women but don't go all out when the inevitable heat's on and chips are down, then revert to patriarchism disguised as equal opportunity nondiscrimination in the next round.
that would stink to high heaven!

women are more than half the population of this country. are we gonna have 8 men on the supreme court again?

there's no good reason half of all appointees shouldn't be women.

but if the woman is an owen or a rogers brown, the dems have every constitutional right in the world to use every trick in the book to block a vote.

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