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Thursday, October 20, 2005

more jive choice

2 days ago i wrote on how the gop "choice" plan for education would harm public schools and benefit nobody but private school parents by discounts via vouchers.

today i take on how gops distort "choice" in medicare.

the choice is between low-monthly-payment high-fee-for-service plans and high-monthly-payment low-fee-for-service plans. (i count deductibles as fees.)

that's not a choice. it's a gamble.

it forces seniors to bet whether they'll get sick or not. our most vulnerable seniors, the ones with least money, are most likely to bet they'll stay healthy. they opt for low monthly payments and hope they don't come down with conditions they're not covered for or that require hospitalization along with high deductibles.

i'm not a senior citizen, but i hope to be one someday, and i can tell you i don't want that kind of choice. i want full coverage, period!

the only things i want to choose are my doctors and my drug store.

and i bet most seniors feel that way.

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