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Thursday, October 20, 2005

driving mantra

it still amazes me how effective the gops are at fogging the air with meaningless phrases their phobic supporters pick up and repeat as if they were gospel.

one making the rounds now is "she drove to work every day" used as "evidence" valerie plame wasn't a covert agent.

can anybody tell me which part proves something? "drove"? "to work"? "every day"?

i'm pretty sure i can x out "drove." james bond drove bentleys and aston-martins and maybe some other vehicles with 6-figure price tags, and he was covert, right?

but i'm not sure if he drove to work or only for pleasure. and i have no idea if it was every day. besides, it was fiction.

how was plame supposed to get to work? would walking or running have preserved her clandestine status? taking the subway? getting driven by somebody else? only driving every other day? sleeping in her office? not going to work at all?

maybe she was supposed to use a helicopter. or a hang glider. or drive to an airfield, board a cia jet, and parachute into langley to go to work.

is this one of those great mysteries i'll never solve?

am i going crazy?


  1. What nauseates me is not that they outed an agent, but that their first reaction to any challenge is to use the government's power to squelch and defame the challenger.

    You know this action came from the same people who smeared Kerry and who smeared every opponent of anyone he ever worked for - Karl Rove.

  2. absolutely.

    outing plame was reprisal against joe wilson.

    failure of journalists to recognize difference txixt this and legit confidentiality privilege also bothers me. it stands whole idea of protecting sources on its head.