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Thursday, October 27, 2005

fluct again

bush followed up his deficit-cutting promises at the economic club of washington by returning to his personal responsibility theme, specifically medical "savings accounts."

his argument is that his proposal will give healthcare "consumers" the "freedom" to make their own choices about how to spend their health dollars.

oh! right! that's just what i need when i've just been told i have a serious condition that needs immediate treatment. not only do i have to figure out if what the doctors say is what i really need, but i also have to think about whether my account still has enough dough to pay for it, or if i'm going to have to go into debt for who knows how long.

all this stuff might seem really trivial to a guy who's always had his rich daddy's rich friends come to his rescue and never known a bigger problem than a ring breaking off a beer can before the top popped open, but to 'most everybody i know, "personal responsibility" is just a heartless excuse for governmental irresponsibility!

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