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Thursday, October 27, 2005

alaskan terror

tuesday night's daily show reminded me of an incident i meant to say something about.

ted stevens (r-ak), nearly 82 years old enough to know better, staged a tirade of irate shouting on the senate floor. he was incensed over an amendment that would take some of his hard-won pork away from his state and threatened to resign from the body if it passed.

i'm sure stevens left his colleagues quaking in their boots, but i bet the senate would survive without him.

say, do you think more senators might resign if we took away the pork barrel?

but before we get our hopes up, take a look at this excerpt from the 1998 edition of congressional quarterly's politics in america:

Longtime Stevens watchers say they have often watched Stevens throw a fit and then exit the room with a wink. “I believe in using my emotions, not losing my emotions,” Stevens said in a 1996 interview. “Once you’ve done that, you walk out the door and go over and have a drink with the opposing [party].”

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