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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

two weeks ago i became aware of a right-wing response to the state of the union speech on the human events website. the column by john hayward claimed obama misquoted lincoln and strongly suggested that he did so in order to usurp our freedom. i looked at the comments, saw that nearly all supported hayward, and jumped in to defend the one commenter who pled for reality. naturally i got sucked into responding to counterattacks and wound up posting about 75 comments over the next few days.

along the way i looked at the original transcript of the SOTU and saw that obama did not represent lincoln's idea as a quote. then i did a google search on a few words from hayward's excerpt of what he 3 times called lincoln's speech and found out it wasn't even a speech but some notes lincoln made in 1854. obama had paraphrased a short passage.

if you're interested in the combat, check it out here.

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  1. i recommend doing this kind of thing. it's good practice. you often learn something of value and get a chance to engage with folk who don't agree with you and show them errors in their thinking. you also get your own errors pointed out, not necessarily in a kind or constructive manner, so make sure you fact check everything before you hit "post"!