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Saturday, February 11, 2012

does GOP health plan cover abortions?

a few days ago i heard someone say on the radio that the republican national committee's employee health insurance includes abortion coverage.

turns out that was old news — old and out of date. a week or so after 64 house dems joined 176 GIGOP RWNJs to pass the stupak amendment in november 2009, POLITICO reported that RNC employees had been covered for abortions since 1991.

the party's red-faced then-chair michael steele quickly moved to opt out, which insurer cigna employees said the RNC could have done at any time but did not choose to do.

red-faced GIGOP RWNJ rep jack kingston of georgia was quoted by POLITICO as saying “they need to drop that clause.... from a philosophical standpoint, it’s inconsistent.... it makes me think someone isn’t scrutinizing the purchases.”

what? the party that ran this country's (and much of the world's) economy into the ground not scrutinize? impossible, jack! shame on you for even thinking such a thing, let alone suggesting it so publicly.

as red-faced pols all over the RW end of the spectrum denied knowledge of the policy [no pun intended], POLITICO also solicited comment from planned parenthood president cecile richards, who said it was “no surprise” that the RNC offered it.... “it’s an employer that wants to provide standard health benefits for its employees.... that’s why the stupak amendment goes too far in taking away benefits that women have today....”

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