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Monday, January 30, 2012

believe it or not
birthers still exist!

on facebook last week i came across a wall post citing 3 supposed discrepancies in barack obama's birth certificate. i was able to debunk them all fairly easily, thanks to the internet.

here are the claims:

1. he is called "african-american", a term that did not yet exist in 1961.
2. his father's birthplace is given as "kenya", a country that did not exist till 1963.
3. the hospital's name was different from what is stated on the certificate.

here are the facts:

1. "african-american" does not appear anywhere on the certificate.
2. kenya was called "kenya colony" from 1920 until it became the republic of kenya.
3. the hospital's 1961 name was used from 1931 to 1971, then changed.

i'm not going to give the URLs for the sites. if you really want to look for the info, you'll see it's very easy to find.

i went back to facebook to post a comment with those facts and found that i had to be the guy's friend to comment. i had no interest in that, so i forgot about it till today, when it occurred to me that i might be able to send him a message. trouble is, when i went back i found the post was gone. somebody else must have already showed him the errors.

oh, well.

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