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Wednesday, November 02, 2011



The following shows estimates of when each billion milestone was or will be met:
Population1 billion2 billion3 billion4 billion5 billion6 billion7 billion8 billion9 billion
Years until next billion12334131312121318
These numbers show that the world's population has tripled in 72 years, and doubled in 38 years up to the year 1999. Including some more estimates, the world population has been doubled or will double in the following years (with two different starting points). Note how, during the 2nd millennium, each doubling has taken roughly half as long as the previous doubling.
Population250 million500 million1 billion2 billion4 billion8 billion
YearAD 95016001804192719742024
Years until next doubling6502041234750
Population375 million750 million1.5 billion3 billion6 billion
Years until next doubling3001558638

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