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Saturday, September 10, 2011


ok, i admit it: i'm getting a real kick out of what the human events crowd thinks drives libs crazy. today's eml [#253]* in the 365 ways series portrays cons as willing to make asses of themselves in order to
Relish the liberals' tension and discomfort as they agonize over how best to confront you over your disgracefully lax parenting. It really is about as fun as fun gets.
well, if that's their idea of fun, chacun à son goût!

* 10/16 update: had to remove link. unfortunately, eagle publishing, which appears to be behind this "human events" crap, doesn't seem to know how to set up a permanent link to an item in an archive, so today you would have seen #288 not #253, which suggests you buy
...realistic fake cigarettes which puff out dust at the end so it looks like your kid is really smoking. Tell them not to be too obvious about it, but next time you find yourself at a social engagement where kids mix with grown ups, get them to wander around "smoking" nonchalantly as if it's something they do all the time. For maximum impact, you could even have them come up to you and say, "Dad/Mom. You got a cigarette?" "Sure son," you can reply, retrieving a fake cigarette from a real pack and "lighting" it for them. The important thing is to make absolutely no comment and act as if this is all the most normal behavior in the world.
"not...too obvious about it"? hoo, boy! anyway, the last long quote preceded the first, and it's one way james delingpole has "fun" driving libs crazy.

i suspect his real aim is to get us off guard by making RWNJs look so stupid we underestimate them, and we must NEVER underestimate them!

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