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Monday, August 15, 2011

yes, RWNJs do drive me crazy

i know. i know. i'm admitting they've done what they've been trying to do.

at least that's what the aim of 365 ways to drive a liberal crazy claims to be. i think it may be a book, but it's also a series of daily emails i've been getting for the last couple months. (actually it's barely over a month, but it seems like forever.)

i'm not going to quote from them. if you're really interested you'll find out for yourself. so far i've seen very few that entertain me at all and even fewer that aren't based on ignorance.

and that's what's so maddening about them: apparently their intended audience doesn't realize how uninformed they are, and the way they're written leaves little doubt that the creators of the nonsense wouldn't listen to reason even if it showed up at their door.

this video, tho it's about another subject, sort of explains what i mean:

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