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Sunday, August 14, 2011

rwnj repetition

got these two emails a week apart:
Dear Supporter,
Democrats are blaming the historic U.S. credit rating downgrade on everyone but themselves, including Americans just like you: they say it’s your fault... not theirs.
Who do Democrats think they’re kidding?
Instead of addressing the problem, President Obama and Washington Democrats continue to blame the downgrade on you, the Japanese earthquake, the European debt crisis, or House Republicans' insistence to cut federal spending without raising taxes to address the budget deficit. We all know the real reason the markets are dropping is because of the Democrats' spending addiction and refusal to stop borrowing from countries like China.

Dear Supporter,
Did you know, according to House Democrats and Vice President Joe Biden, conservative Americans like you are "terrorists"?
That's right, the Vice President said in a meeting of House Democrats that Americans pushing for Congress to cut as much spending as possible were acting "like terrorists".
Democrats seem to think they’re entitled to spend your hard-earned taxpayer money. And when you, the taxpayers, say “enough,” Democrats call you "terrorists." Democrats are trying to pretend that the 2010 election -- when Americans roundly rejected Washington’s big-spending ways -- didn’t happen.
one was signed "Guy Harrison, Executive Director, NRCC" and the other "Pete Sessions, NRCC Chairman." it doesn't matter which. they're obviously written either by the same hand or by two pols who don't know how to separate paragraphs and think exactly alike.

but what concerns me is that both use one rhetorical device. they repeat that the democrats are to blame for what goes wrong and pass the buck, primarily to "americans [just] like you".

i shouldn't be surprised. NRCC means "national republican congressional committee."

the gop has with some success passed the buck for the economic crisis to obama and the dem congress elected in 2006 and 2008, tho the recession that started in december 2007 was triggered by the housing bubble that burst in 2005 and 2006, when bush was still in the white house and the gop still held majorities in both houses of congress, and when the economy had been softened up by two protracted wars started by bush and the gop.

how do they manage to convince so many people that dems are to blame?

repetition, repetition, repetition!

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