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Monday, August 22, 2011

city paper
Cash and Carry
Why are your tax dollars feeding the pro-life machine?

The receptionist says a "counselor" will speak with me over the phone, and leads me into a private room. I tell the woman on the other end that I'm considering an abortion, mostly because I'm young and not yet financially secure. She is tender but stern. She says that if I have an abortion, "Psychologically, you're never going to forget. You're taking a life."

She tells me that abortion often leads to depression — a claim that has been refuted by the American Psychological Association, which concluded in 2008 that a single abortion is "not a threat to women's mental health," and in fact, poses no greater a risk than delivering a baby.

She also informs me that "proven facts" show that abortion can "interfere with having other children," another theory rejected by medical science. The Guttmacher Institute reported in 2007 that the "overwhelming scientific consensus" is that an early abortion "poses virtually no long-term risk of infertility." [more]

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