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Thursday, July 28, 2011

the above video makes it clear that either cantor doesn't know what he's talking about — namely economics — or he's making it up.

furthermore, the notion that obama believes govt exists to settle scores is total nonsense. how can anybody with any common sense swallow such crap? cantor may assume it to be so, but that doesn't make it so. it may be an article of faith for RWNJs, but it's an unverifiable assumption.

you see, statements are not limited to being true or false: they can instead be meaningless. statements can have meaning in only two ways: 1) either they are true or false by definition, or 2) they can be tested by sense experience. cantor may or may not believe what he says about obama's belief about govt, but it's meaningless either way.

in other words, he's either bullshitting or lying.

the difference, according to philosopher harry frankfurt, is that the liar knows the truth and is trying to deceive his audience, while the bullshitter doesn't care whether what he says is true or not, as long as it impresses and persuades his listeners.

i don't know whether cantor's a bs artist or a liar, but i know he's wrong. the proof is his oft-stated claim that cutting government spending will grow the economy and create jobs.

nothing could be further from the truth, and a former businessman like cantor ought to know it. businesses hire when they need more workers to keep up with rising sales. simple as that.

any business owner who hires for any other reason won't stay in business very long unless s/he gets very lucky.

we can't depend on luck to grow the economy.

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