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Monday, July 04, 2011

national republican congressional committee gets punked!

i never even heard of the nrcc till they somehow snuck their push poll "state of the nation survey" thru my firewall, but i'm almost sad to see what idiots those gop fundraisers are. take a look:
Question 6: Are you aware that only 10 percent of President Obama’s cabinet level appointees have real world private sector work experience – the lowest percentage of any president in the past 109 years?
well, that got my attention. i'll give 'em credit for that.

it took about 3 seconds to find their claim labeled "false" (twice!) on politifact and another 3 or so to find this solid debunk from november 2009!

& the nrcc is spreading that claptrap more than a year and a half later!

so once again we get what's becoming the eternal question:

are gops intentionally lying
just too lazy
to check their facts

yeah! ri-i-i-ight!


  1. Thanks for the reference, and thanks for setting the record straight.

    An exercise I've been working on lately: Who had less non-governmental experience: Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, or Barack Obama?

  2. b4 becoming prez? i think it may be jfk. went fro harvard 2 navy 2 congress, no? pretty sure ike university prez 4 few years b4 run 4 prez. nixon practiced some law in 60s, didn't he? bho might actually have most private experience of the 4.