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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

miss in4mation
from today's ann coulter human events column:
As I described in my last book, "Guilty," the leading cause of all social pathologies is single motherhood. One way or another, Casey Anthony's refusal to give up Caylee for adoption was going to cost society -- and cost Caylee.

The statistics are so jaw-dropping that not giving up an illegitimate child for adoption ought to be considered child abuse. [more]
ah! so we criminalize abortion, but if single women bear children and decide to keep them we criminalize that too!

and look what comes next:
Various studies have shown that children raised by a single mother comprise about 70 percent of juvenile murderers, delinquents, teenaged mothers, drug abusers, dropouts, suicides and runaways. Imagine an America with 70 percent fewer of these social disorders and you will see what liberals' destruction of marriage has wrought.
how did she get from a dead child to how awful her life might've been if she'd lived?

is she saying america is better off with caylee dead?

and of course she had no trouble pinning the blame on liberals.

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