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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Climate Reality Project
Dear Friend,

This year, we have seen historic droughts, heat waves and floods. We’re experiencing record-high temperatures across much of the United States. This extreme weather is being called the “new normal.” But there's nothing normal about it.

We recently introduced you to The Climate Reality Project. Our new focus is to help citizens around the world discover the truth about climate change and take meaningful steps toward solutions. We’re launching with a groundbreaking, global event called 24 Hours of Reality.

Join us for 24 Hours of Reality. RSVP on Facebook to show the world what can change in a day.
RSVP on Facebook
Beginning in Mexico City and proceeding around the globe, 24 Hours of Reality will offer a round-the-clock snapshot of the climate crisis, sharing unique perspectives from Tonga to Cape Verde, from Jakarta toLondon. On September 14-15, we will bring the world together to reveal the full truth, scope and impact of the climate crisis.

We’ll hear from the people and places witnessing firsthand the devastation of extreme weather events. I’m joining 23 Climate Presenters from around the globe to deliver a new multimedia presentation that will broadcast the reality of the climate crisis. The entire 24 hours will be streamed live online from start to finish.

Click here to learn more about 24 Hours of Reality and find the event in your time zone:


The climate crisis is a global problem we all share. And real solutions can only come when we address it together. Join me on September 14, and find out what can change in a day.


Al Gore
Founder and Chairman
The Climate Reality Project


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