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Friday, July 29, 2011


mr speaker, tear up that ceiling

the congressional idiots who say government should be run like a business are way off the mark. businesses sell products and try to take in more than they spend, while governments provide essential services paid for by taxes. ideally they try not to collect more taxes than necessary, while most businesses try to maximize profits.

but some principles do apply to both business and government. one of them is that crisis management is different from normal management.

normally, boards of directors and legislatures both have to plan for the future. in crisis mode, that's extremely difficult, if not impossible. it's too easy to slip up (with dire consequences) if they try to do too much in an emergency situation. the only effective way to deal with a crisis is to focus on ending it.

the president and the speaker of the house should stop trying to make a deal or work out a debt plan or reform entitlements now. all that can be dealt with next week. congress can and should simply avert a crisis by raising the debt limit without requiring agreement on other conditions.

THEN they can fight about taxes and spending and debt!

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