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Sunday, June 19, 2011

npr weekend edition saturday
SIMON: And Debbie, let's start with you. Your meeting has featured several Republican candidates on the program on Friday. What are some moments that stood out for you?

ELLIOTT: I think the reception that Minnesota Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, got here. She was really the star of the day. The crowd even sort of mobbed the stage when she finished her speech. And she really gave this conservative crowd just what they were looking for: plenty of meat stoking the anti-President Obama fervor that was rumbling through the crowd.

She attacked the president's health care overhaul. She attacked his energy policy, as well as his handling of the economy.

Representative MICHELE BACHMANN (Republican, Minnesota): We know what works. It's cutting spending. It's growing the economy. It's doing what free markets do, and what economic superpowers do. And Mr. President, you're no economic superpower.

SIMON: Give us some idea of who's at the event, Debbie. [more]
eric cantor said the same thing as bachmann back in february.

unfortunately, neither npr's show host nor its reporter seem to know any more economics than the two representatives. either that or they think their job is to pass partisan tripe on to the public without any comment that might draw rightwing fire as "liberal bias."

apparently it takes a panel discussion on msnbc to refute the gop argument:
Cenk Uygur: I’m not sure that answered Ryan’s question but unfortunately we are out of time. And I got to tell you John, look, taxes are at a 60 year low, and we cut taxes to the bone under bush and it didn’t help our economy at all. It really, really hurt our economy.

You’re telling me to cut taxes more to stimulate the economy? We tried that for eight long years and it was a disaster, but I’m sorry, I’m getting the last word on that, panel. Sorry guys. But thank you for the conversation. As always, we loved it.
before we swallow the gop austerity plan, maybe we ought to ask europeans how it's working for them.


  1. Mobs and crowds and Bachmann. Conjures up too many images of nascent tyranny. It's all about anger, not about honesty or facts or admitting mistakes and the more they screw up the country, the stronger they get and the stronger their faith gets.

  2. under anger lies ignorance n fear. not a solid foundation. collapse inevitably follows.

    questions are: how much harm will they do first? n how many o us will they take down w/ them?