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Monday, May 09, 2011

ISLAMABAD (AP) — The United States wants access to Osama bin Laden's three widows and any intelligence material its commandos left behind at the al-Qaida leader's compound, a top American official said in comments broadcast Sunday that could add a fresh sticking point in already frayed ties with Pakistan.

here's a response i found in a forum on democratic underground:
International treaties such as extradition agreements, are the same no matter what country signed them. Canada will not be the only country to fear placing detainees in the hands of the US until we get serious about prosecuting torturers. Right now our torturers are teaching college courses, on law! They are given a platform on our media to promote the use of torture. Those women should never be handed over to this country until we have proven to the world that we are serious about ending this vile and illegal practice, and start prosecuting those who put us in this position.

China and Canada so far have used our torture policies for their individual purposes. This is the legacy of policies that this current administration believes we should just move forward on. I hope it is becoming clear that that is not possible. Crimes were committed, the Wikileaks revelations show that this administration protected the accused criminals, AND attacked the most respected organization on Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights and its highly respected judges. That doesn't make it sound like this administration is serious about ending torture, rather it sounds like they are annoyed at the world for trying to get justice for our victims.

Pakistan should ensure safe passage for these women to some country which will protect them from US interrogators. Perhaps they should appeal to the European Court of Human Rights for protection. Or some other Human Rights entity.

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