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Friday, April 08, 2011

jumping the gun

The War of Secession, The War of the Secession, The War to End Slavery, The War to Free the Slaves, The Late Unpleasantness, The Lost Cause, The Second American Revolution, The War of the Second Revolution, The War Between The States, The War of the Rebellion, The Rebellion, The War to Preserve the Union, The War to Restore the Union, The Civil War, and The American Civil War, etc....

states began seceding from the union on december 20, 1860, about a month and a half after lincoln's election and two and a half months before he took office. the attack on ft sumter began less than a month and a half after the inauguration. (i'll just mention in passing the similarity to buyers emptying gun store shelves the day after obama's election and the rise of the tea party less than a month after his inauguration.)

if you deny that slavery was an issue, you've been brainwashed, but the war wasn't an act of slavery. it was an act of treason.

i don't for a moment think the tea partiers are traitors, but you're deluded if you don't think their movement is based on greed and racism.

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