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Friday, August 20, 2010

A citizens group conducting its own water samples in the Gulf of Mexico released results today showing dangerous levels of oil and chemicals in Naples and St. Petersberg Florida coastal waters.

They found 1 parts per million of oil and grease.

Other test results from Cotton Bayou, near Orange Beach, Alabama, near the Alabama-Florida state line, showed 13 parts per million of 2-butoxyethanol, the chemical BP supposedly stopped using in the new Corexit 9500 formula, according to Allison Helen Hendricks, a medical adviser with TestingTheWater.org.

“Where do the people think all the millions upon millions of gallons of oil have gone?..."


Are researchers being shut out of gathering valuable data in the wake of the Gulf oil disaster? Linda Hooper-Bui, an ecologist in the Gulf, says that BP and the federal government are hindering independent research into the effects of the oil spill. We'll also talk with Cary Nelson, head of the American Association of University Professors, about academic freedom and gulf oil research.

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