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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Online gun dealer Eric Thompson should change the name of his business to merchantofdeath.com. Or maybe Rampages R Us.

Call it truth in advertising.

Thompson's two odious Web sites have helped arm three mass murderers in as many years - most recently, woman-hating psycho George Sodini, who shot up an aerobics class near Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

He also shipped a handgun to the Virginia Tech shooter in 2007 and two 33-round magazines to the Northern Illinois University gunman in '08.

Thompson's sites are candy stores for the trigger-happy. Featured merchandise includes assault weapons and accessories designed to snuff the largest number of human beings in the shortest amount of time.

A sane country would ban these killing machines and look at shutting down the burgeoning online gun business, which is much too accessible to would-be killers. Any decent businessman associated with a trifecta of massacres would search his soul to discover whether he could have prevented the carnage.

But no. Thompson used the Pittsburgh murders to try to sell more guns: "Protect yourself, your family and your loved ones by learning how to defend yourself and teaching others how to do the same."

Where were the innocent victims in Pittsburgh supposed to conceal weapons? In their exercise outfits?

it might be worth reading the comments on this NY daily news editorial of august 10. a couple of the writers obviously think they're very clever to have thought up analogies between guns and cars.

false analogies, that is. guns are intentionally used for homicides and suicides several times a day and are involved in only a handful of accidental deaths. the exact opposite is true of cars, yet i had to pass both a written test and a driving test to get a license to drive (which i must pay to renew every few years), my car has to pass a state inspection every year in order to qualify for registration (which i pay to renew every 12 months), and i have to fork over hundreds of dollars to an insurance company annually, even tho no car i've driven ever killed or injured anyone.

name me a state where handguns are so heavily regulated.

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