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ye who enter here be afraid, but do what ye must -- to defeat your fear ye must defy it.

& defeat it ye must, for only then can we begin to realize liberty & justice for all.

time bomb tick tock? nervous tic talk? war on war?

or just a blog crying in the wilderness, trying to make sense of it all, terror-fried by hate radio and FOX, the number of whose name is 666??? (coincidence?)

Friday, August 21, 2009

apologists for what's going on at the town halls often say those rowdy folk are expressing "real feelings" and therefore it's all spontaneous and not organized.

well, the feelings are real, of course, and the organizing wasn't done the conventional way, but it's still organized, because those feelings were stirred up by scare tactics used by the gop noise machine, including fox(666)news and right-wing talk radio (aka hate radio).

if you want a mini-primer on how it works, here's mine.

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