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& defeat it ye must, for only then can we begin to realize liberty & justice for all.

time bomb tick tock? nervous tic talk? war on war?

or just a blog crying in the wilderness, trying to make sense of it all, terror-fried by hate radio and FOX, the number of whose name is 666??? (coincidence?)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

YANGON, Myanmar - Myanmar's military leaders imposed a nighttime curfew and banned gatherings of more than five people Tuesday after 35,000 Buddhist monks and their supporters defied the junta's warnings and staged another day of anti-government protests.

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  1. I was scheduled to visit Burma in 3 weeks - all cancelled now. I went to Peru in 2001, and had plans to visit Macchu Picchu, when the national railroad went on strike, ending those plans... So, if you want to predict where things will get out of hand, just ask what my travel plans are....