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Saturday, September 22, 2007

WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential contender Bill Richardson was discussing his health care plan recently when he paused to toss out a question and a request. "How will I pay for it? Ask me!"

He was asked and quickly obliged with an answer.

The Democrats who are running for president are flush with policy proposals, position papers and fact sheets. The leading Republican contenders, not so much.

Rudy Giuliani has his "12 Commitments." Mitt Romney has his "Strategy for a Stronger America." John McCain still serves up his "straight talk." But, whether by design or default, they leave far more to the imagination than do the Democrats in discussing the big issues.

For the Democrats, it is as if one candidate lays out a plan and others feel compelled to answer with their own. In contrast, the Republicans are more inclined to hold their fire.

NEW YORK - Hillary Rodham Clinton is finding herself in her rivals' cross-hairs.

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