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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

open e-mail to: charles schumer

subj: phobic disorder

you went too far, senator. when you spoke of the genesis of conservative opposition to judicial activism, you gave up too much when you conceded liberal judges have "made law" from the bench.

just take a look at the decisions that started the con revolt against "activism." they're not about "making" law. they're about interpreting law.

they're about racial segregation, religious displays on public property, school prayer, and abortion.

laws or official acts were declared unconstitutional in those cases because they were unconstitutional.

the movement to stop such decisions comes from the anxiety they produce in folk who've been conditioned to associate them with something threatening.

that conditioning comes from a marketing campaign, senator, and it's about time we all recognized it.

ronald reagan was the most effective salesman in the "marketplace of ideas" in the last 50 years, and quite a few members of his party are pretty good at it too.

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