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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

creeping privatization

seniors: first, don't panic!

you don't need to rush your decision to sign on to the medicare prescription drug plan.

the government is trying to hurry you by making it more expensive if you don't sign up by 15 may 2006, but you still have 6 months to decide if it's cost-effective. use the time wisely.

there are unknowns: if your covered meds cost less than the program fees and deductible ($63.50 per month average, but plans vary), you'll spend more if you join, but that can change with time. it's certainly possible your medication requirements will grow. it's impossible to know for sure if in the long term you'll save or lose money by enrolling.

in addition, not all plans cover the same meds, so you need to research that, probably by checking with your pharmacist, since there are so many competing plans. the medicare website is getting slowed by high traffic for now, so if you've found another website that helps compare them, please post its url in "comments" below this post. (i accept anonymous comments. you don't need a blogger account.)

you need to maximize your chance of coming out ahead by making a realistic assessment of your health status, taking into account your medical history, the trend in your condition up to the present, plus diet and exercise.

if you're overweight, you probably need to cut down your sugar and fat intake, drink more water instead of most other drinks, and get more exercise.

if you don't exercise, you should. why not study yoga or taiji (t'ai chi)? both are low-impact and improve health and fitness, and you can do them at home, but they won't come to you: you have to make the effort to find a teacher (perhaps in classes at a local high school or senior center) and practice what you learn till you know it well enough to do it on your own.

take the time. it could be worth it. all you need is patience and effort.

1 comment:

  1. Good post. I know people who have decided to opt out since it's impossible to tell if you're going to gain or lose by enrolling. The only sure benefit is to the insurance companies.

    Surprise, surprise.