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Sunday, November 13, 2005

bush confuses

There ought to be limits to freedom!—g w bush, 1999

the theme of the speech supposedly was "a strategy for victory."

i'm tempted to say "it's about time!"

but it's long past time.

the misleader who still hasn't admitted his strategy failure and blamed—but never took responsibility for—first a "failure of diplomacy," as if diplomacy itself had somehow caused failure, then a "failure of intelligence," when it wasn't intelligence at all but dumbass distorted analysis, NOW says if we criticize the reason he went to war we give aid and comfort to the enemy.

that comes awfully close to the constitution's definition of treason.

in other words, this president, who has caused unnecessary suffering and death of untold thousands and thereby handed bin laden and zarqawi a deckful of poster children to recruit new terrorists, now implies that we who try to bring out the truth are pretty much the same as traitors to our country.

george bush has morphed into ann coulter.

but if he thinks we'll take it lying down, he's looking in the wrong rearview mirror.


  1. Well said. He has morphed into Ann Coulter -- maybe that's punishment enough?

  2. not nearly enough.

    20 years in the joint would do wonders for his immortal soul.