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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

idée fixe

something slipped my mind yesterday but was strong enough to come back after i'd finished posting for the day.

a caller to washington journal said she has no problem deciding how to vote: she simply picks the candidates planned parenthood opposes.

it's no secret folk can be fooled into voting against their own and/or the nation's best interests. i think the caller gives insight into why they do so: they have what they think is a good reason, one so compelling that it outweighs everything on the other side.

any suggestions on what to do about it?


  1. < any suggestions on what to do about it? >

    yeah, just let everybody make their own decisions in the way that makes them happy. Every opinion counts. You don't have the answers to everything. You don't know that person's history. You don't know which face of G-d that person is meant to reflect.
    Unless,.....are YOU G-d?

  2. can't do that.
    their dumb votes affect you and me, babe.